What colour settings should my artwork use?

Generally, all text and images should be saved in CMYK colours. Any RGB/spot/PMS colours found in submitted artwork will be converted to CMYK colours before printing and this conversion can vary the colour represented.


What resolution should my artwork be in?

Images inside submitted artwork should be at least 300dpi. Less than 300dpi can result in pixelation when printed.

72dpi vs 300dpi when printed

What bleed is required?

All submitted artwork must include a 3mm external bleed (if artwork is to run to edge of product), plus a 2mm internal safety margin (i.e. no text must be closer than 2mm from the edge of the product).

Print-ready artwork bleed guide

What fonts can I use?

AMPRINT has a large collection of fonts available, however to guarantee consistency we recommend all fonts/text is outlined (i.e. converted to paths, curves or outlines) before submitting the artwork to us.


What are the different folding options?

Printing fold styles

Pleas ensure that the fold panels for A4 –> DL are set 98-99-99 running left to right on the outside page, and reverse (99-99-98) on the inside page. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the artwork meets this specification. If in doubt please contact us. AMPRINT will not accept responsibility for errors due to out of specification files.


What type of black should I use in my artwork?

All text and fine black lines must be set to C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100%. This avoids registration issues and blurring of the fine black lines.

All solid black paths or shapes can be set to ‘rich black’ which is made up of C=40%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100%. Rich black is a visibly darker black when printed.

Diagram showing how to set one hundred percent blackDiagram showing how to setup rich blacks


What file formats do you accept? What are your print-ready specifications?

AMPRINT will only accept the following print-ready artwork formats. Any artwork which does not adhere to these specifications will incur additional artwork charges as necessary to set the artwork up ready for printing:

  • files are saved as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, or high-resolution PDF
  • minimum 3mm bleed all around
  • trim marks on each edge
  • minimum resolution of 300dpi
  • all colours to be nominated as CMYK
  • all fonts need to be outlined
  • special finishes (foils, spot UV) should be saved as a separate layer, clearly labelled, and represented as 100% magenta
  • if you have any linked files (fonts and graphics not embedded) please ensure these are included with your submission


Does AMPRINT provide artwork design services?

Yes, we do provide artwork design services upon request, ranging from setting up existing artwork to be print-ready, right through to blank page designs. If you want us to design your artwork for printing, please use our Quote Request Form and provide as much detail as possible. We will contact you to discuss your requirements further.


What is offset printing?

Offset printing uses large-scale printing presses that stamp the ink onto the page. Offset printing has a high setup cost but low expendables cost and is therefore ideal for large print runs (minimum 1000 paper sheets).


What is digital printing?

Digital printing uses small-scale printers (much like your home laser printer) that fuses ink onto the page. Digital printing has barely any setup cost but high expendables cost and is therefore suited to small/variable data print runs (under 1000 paper sheets).

Offset printing vs digital printing

I have an urgent printing job. How quickly can I receive the finished product?

AMPRINT offers low prices because we gang up orders and print only when a run is full. That way we reduce the setup costs and pass this saving on to our customers. Accordingly, a standard order with AMPRINT will take up to 7 business days to be printed and delivered. If you need your printing job completed and delivered in a shorter timeframe then we can accommodate this, however you will need to incur an additional charge for the privilege of having a print run all to yourself. Simply advise us of your required date in our Quote Request Form.


Where can I view your Privacy Policy?

We value your privacy and you can view our Privacy Policy on how we use the information you share with us here.


What is your payment policy? What payment methods do you accept?

Personalised printing service | payment methods accepted

After placing and order we will send you an invoice for payment. Payment is required upfront in full before sending to print. Payment of AMPRINT invoices can be made by bank transfer or via VISA/MasterCard (attracts a 2% surcharge). Once payment is received your job will be sent to print.